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Dexter HU
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Infinity Global Solutions Pte Ltd
Area of Expertise:
Automation, Mechanisation
Business Excellence
Customer Centric Initiative (CCI)
Customer Satisfaction Research
Customer Service Training
Export Strategy
Industry Relations (IR) Training
Information Systems
Information Technology (IT) Management
Information Technology (IT) Performance Management
Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
International Business
Lean Management
Logistics Optimisation
Management Training
Measurement System
New Marketing Development
Performance Management
Process Re-Engineering
Product Innovation
Product Mix
Productivity Diagnosis
Productivity/Quality Management
Project Management
Public Relations & Media Relations
Quality Management System (ISO)
Research & Development (R&D) Technology
Resource Management
Retail Operations
Retail Performance Measurement
Sales Training
Service Excellence
Service Training
SME Management Action For Results (SMART) Initiative
Supply Chain Management
Training & Development
Areas of Consultancy Services Provided:

For the past years, Dexter has been worked on many projects such as electronic embedded system development, IT software development, technical support, business consultancy, business development, marketing strategy, e-Commerce platform development and supply chain management.
His experience has also built up from technical support, business development to corporate strategy and advisory.

Other Areas of expertise:

Business consultancy, International Trading, IT business development (IT security, computer forensics, IT outsourcing, data center, web development), Embedded system solutions (railway signaling, display and rolling stock, green building management), e-Commerce (C2C, B2B, B2C, M2C, O2O, Supply Chain Management), Cloud computing and ERP solutions.



Certification Since and To Date:
1 Feb 2017 to 31 Jan 2020

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