In order to maintain an active certification status and to stay up to date with industry development and trends, PMCs have to meet several criteria in their re-certification. These are centred on meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and management consulting projects that would serve as an endorsement on the PMC’s professionalism.

All PMCs are to maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out their work competently and professionally in the face of continuous technological, economic and business environment changes, PMCs are required to show evidence of meeting the minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

The CPD Programme is designed to offer a structured yet holistic developmental framework with a variety of activities of variable competency levels and from different providers that encourages and recognises individual learning opportunities while acknowledging and catering to the unique services offered by different PMCs. Embracing developmental opportunities not only enhances your career, it also enables you to provide better and value-added service to your clients, and assures the public and the business world at large that the competencies of PMCs are being maintained and developed.

In order to maintain an active certification status, PMCs are required to submit:

  • The accumulated required 90 CPD hours in the last 3 years.
  • The 3 consultancy projects for projects undertaken in the last 3 years.

These will serve as evidence of their status as Practising Management Consultants, an indication of the strength of the client-consultant relationships formed and their performance as PMCs.

CPD Hours

90 Hours

90 Hours of which at least 36 hours should be from Structured Learning (regardless of Core / Non-Core subjects)

Consultancy Projects
(in the last 3 years)

3 Consultancy Projects

Fulfil at least 700 hours external consulting hours in the last 3 years.

3 Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Projects for Domain

(in the last 3 years)

3 Consultancy Projects

Fulfil at least 200 hours external consulting hours in the last 3 years.

3 Consultancy Projects

Breakdown of the CPD Hours will be as follows:

SubjectsStructured LearningUnstructured LearningTotal Hours
Total Hours50 Hours40 Hours90 Hours


*20 Hours per Domain Area

Shortfall in CPD or Consulting Hours can be carried over to the next period, but will be capped at 20% of the requirements and PMCs will need to ensure that these hours are recovered within 6 months of their recertification date. A 10% administration fee will apply in these cases.

When you have met the required hours, you will be invoiced for the re-certification fee and sent the declaration form. Please complete the declaration form and return it together with 3 client testimonials from clients for projects undertaken over the 3 years prior to re-certification as well as your payment in order for your re-certification to be processed.

Please see below for some examples of Structured and Unstructured Learning Activities areas:

Structured Learning Activities

Categories of activities such as:

  • Courses conducted by or under the auspices of recognized professional bodies.
  • Studies undertaken for the purpose of preparing for a post-qualification course.
  • Studies undertaken after qualification with a view to preparing the candidate for a post graduate degree.
  • Suitable courses conducted by a university or an academic institution.
  • Relevant courses conducted by a university or a firm in public practice or by a business organization.
  • Publishing of technical articles, papers or books.
  • Working as a lecturer, instructor or discussion leader on a structured course.
  • Participation in seminars, events, conferences, briefing sessions or discussion groups with a minimum of 5 hours, where technical materials are presented.
  • Online learning or e-learning.

Unstructured Learning Activities

Categories of activities such as: 

  • Reading of technical, professional, financial or business literature.
  • Use of audio tapes, video tapes, correspondence course, e-conference etc
  • Participation at seminars, events, conferences, meetings, briefing sessions or discussion groups of less than or equal to 4 hours, where no technical material is prepared by the member.
  • Service as a member of a technical committee of a professional body or individual firm (where no technical material is prepared by the member for review).





  • Fees need to be paid in advance for each stage of certification.
  • Fees need to be paid in advance for each stage of recertification.

Payment of $1,000 and $1,100 may be made via bank transfer or cheque.

For bank transfer, please use the information below and send us a screenshot of your successful payment notice:

Beneficiary: Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council Limited
United Overseas Bank Limited
Account No.: 450-304-500-6
Bank Code: 7375
Branch Code: 001
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG


Please mail the cheque to:

Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council Limited
2985 Jalan Bukit Merah, SMF Building, #01-01E, Singapore 159457
Attention: Certification Team

Please indicate your name and contact number at the back of the cheque (outside of the information box).  All applications will be processed only upon receipt of payments. 

Lacking CPD Hours? As a PMC you may tap on any of our CPD courses from our Training Providers below!

  • Business & Leadership Management
  • Human Resource
  • Branding, Sales & Marketing
  • IP & IT
  • Finance
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Sustainability
  • Productivity
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Behavioural Insights for Business DecisionsTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
101 of A Winning Business PlanTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
The MICE BusinessTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
MICE Business Strategies EssentialsTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
Guide to MICE FundamentalsTPProfessional Mastery
Introduction to ManagementTPConsulting Engagement Management
Management Planning & OrganisationTPProfessional Mastery
Leading, Controlling & Corporate Social ResponsibilityTPProfessional Mastery
Airline Business ManagementTPProfessional Mastery
Airline Management Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Food & Beverage ManagementTPProfessional Mastery
Professional F&B Menu PlanningTPProfessional Mastery
Adopting F&B TechnologiesTPProfessional Mastery
Why Do Leaders Get Derailed?TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Top 5 Reasons Why Leaders FailTPPersonal & Professional Growth
How to Lead High Performing TeamsTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Leadership in Crisis Management & Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict?TPPersonal & Professional Growth
How to be Agile in A Disruptive World & Am I a Toxic Leader?TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Self-Leadership & 5 Great Insights in Conflict ManagementTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Leading OthersTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Effective Business Writing SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Team LeadershipMDISProfessional Mastery
Leading High Performance TeamsMDISProfessional Mastery
Managerial Leadership for Mid-Level ManagersMDISProfessional Mastery
Strategic Business Skills For Project ManagersODEProfessional Mastery
Strategic Business Planning & ThinkingODEProfessional Mastery
Planning Strategic VisionODEProfessional Mastery
Driving Sustainable ChangeODEProfessional Mastery
Leading For ResultsODEProfessional Mastery
Leading Strategy Into ActionODEProfessional Mastery
Introduction to Management ConsultancySBACCConsulting Engagement Management
Application For Government IncentivesSBACCBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Employee Grievance, Discipline & CounsellingTPProfessional Mastery
Talent Acquisition & Management TPProfessional Mastery
Managing People Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Enterprise Risk & Crisis Management for Human Resource ProfessionalsSHRIBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
Humanising the WorkplaceSHRIProfessional Mastery
The Glass LabyrinthSHRIProfessional Mastery
Human Resource Consulting SkillsSHRIProfessional Mastery
Leading People Through TransformationSHRIProfessional Mastery
Digital Human Resource StrategySHRIProfessional Mastery
Developing Strategic Executive CompensationSHRIProfessional Mastery
Effective Strategic Compensation Programme for Remuneration CommitteeSHRIProfessional Mastery
Building a People Analytics StrategySHRIProfessional Mastery
Ensuring a Safe & Healthy Workplace through Application of LegislationSHRIProfessional Mastery
Understanding & Application of Industrial Relations LegislationSHRIProfessional Mastery
Performance Management in a Disruptive EnvironmentSHRIProfessional Mastery
Virtual Facilitation MasterclassSHRIPersonal & Professional Growth
Developing Emotional Intelligence at WorkplaceSHRIPersonal & Professional Growth
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Marketing for Non-Marketing ProfessionalsMDISProfessional Mastery
Digital MarketingMDISProfessional Mastery
Introduction to Brand Strategy TPProfessional Mastery
Sales 101TPProfessional Mastery
Developing a Strategic Brand BlueprintTPProfessional Mastery
Introduction to Social Media AnalyticsTPProfessional Mastery
Visual Merchandising for Successful e-CommerceTPProfessional Mastery
Social Media Analytics Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Developing Brand Strategy Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
12 Essentials of Digital MarketingTPProfessional Mastery
The Sales StrategistODEProfessional Mastery
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Introduction to CybersecurityTPProfessional Mastery
Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) TPProfessional Mastery
IIOT System Connectivity TPProfessional Mastery
LabVIEW for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)TPProfessional Mastery
IIOT Smart Sensors and ActuatorsTPProfessional Mastery
IIOT Connectivity Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Smart Sensor and Devices Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Introduction to Cloud Architecture Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Fundamentals of Cloud ArchitectureTPProfessional Mastery
Applying IP Fundamentals in BusinessIPOSProfessional Mastery
How to Perform Prior Art SearchesIPOSProfessional Mastery
Advanced IP Management ProgrammeIPOSProfessional Mastery
Development in IP Law SeriesIPOSProfessional Mastery
Safeguarding your Brand OverseasIPOSProfessional Mastery
Demystifying the Patent Application ProcessIPOSProfessional Mastery
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Basic AccountingMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Costing, Cashflow Management and Budgetary ControlMDISProfessional Mastery
Understanding and Analysing Financial StatementsMDISProfessional Mastery
Finance for Non-Finance ManagersTPProfessional Mastery
Accounting Entries for BeginnersTPProfessional Mastery
Corporate Risk ManagementTPProfessional Mastery
Global TradeTPProfessional Mastery
Corporate InvestmentTPProfessional Mastery
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Effective Office Skills for Administrative Support StaffMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Secretarial SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Office Administration Management for Executives and ManagersMDISProfessional Mastery
Project Management MasterclassMDISProfessional Mastery
Excellent People Skills at WorkMDISProfessional Mastery
Conflict Management SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Communication through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) TechniquesMDISProfessional Mastery
The Art of Influencing and PersuasionMDISProfessional Mastery
How to Work More Effectively with Others Using the MBTIMDISProfessional Mastery
Winning with Difficult PeopleMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Communication for Better Workplace EfficiencyMDISProfessional Mastery
Persuasive CommunicationMDISProfessional Mastery
Speak with Confidence and ImpactMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Presentation SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Assertiveness Techniques and ApproachesMDISProfessional Mastery
The Essentials of Email Writing and EtiquetteMDISProfessional Mastery
The Essentials of Report WritingMDISProfessional Mastery
Power Writing Skills for Executives and ManagersMDISProfessional Mastery
Innovation & Critical Thinking SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Creative Brainstorming Techniques using Mind MapsMDISProfessional Mastery
Creative Problem Solving and Decision MakingMDISProfessional Mastery
Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Problem Solving with PRISMMDISProfessional Mastery
Using Emotional Intelligence to manage oneself and Others at WorkplaceMDISProfessional Mastery
Managing Anger @ WorkMDISProfessional Mastery
EQ Skills for Team leaders and ManagersMDISProfessional Mastery
Train the TrainerMDISProfessional Mastery
Data Management Analytics with Pivot Tables (Excel2016)MDISProfessional Mastery
Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 2 AdvancedMDISProfessional Mastery
Boosting Productivity Through Mindset ChangeMDISProfessional Mastery
ABC to Brain Smart Speed Reading TechniquesMDISProfessional Mastery
Brain Boost Your Memory at the WorkplaceMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Time and Stress Management at the WorkplaceMDISProfessional Mastery
H.E.A.R.T @ WorkMDISProfessional Mastery
Smart Time ManagementMDISProfessional Mastery
Birds of Different Feathers can Flock TogetherMDISProfessional Mastery
Even Eagles Need a PushMDISProfessional Mastery
Taking InitiativeMDISProfessional Mastery
The 7-Ups to Personal EffectivenessMDISProfessional Mastery
Internal Controls MasterclassMDISProfessional Mastery
Effective Negotiation SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Exceptional Customer ServiceMDISProfessional Mastery
Handling Difficult Customers and ComplaintsMDISProfessional Mastery
Saying "NO" PositivelyMDISProfessional Mastery
Essential Managerial SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Team Management SkillsMDISProfessional Mastery
Becoming a Successful Coach and MentorMDISProfessional Mastery
Supervisory Skills for the New SupervisorsMDISProfessional Mastery
Crisis Management and CommunicationMDISProfessional Mastery
Unleashing the Greatness in YouTPPersonal & Professional Growth
How to Break Toxic Conflict HabitsTPPersonal & Professional Growth
How to Build Your Personal BrandTPPersonal & Professional Growth
7-Ups for Personal Effectiveness & Coaching For Peak PerformanceTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Developing Resilience for Life & The 12 Destructive Conflict StylesTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Energy vs Time Management & Understanding MillennialsTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Managing Meaningful Meetings TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Living Well Matters: Embracing Work Life HarmonyTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Rest Your Stress: Nurturing a Balanced LifeTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Wholeness of the Woman LeaderTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Coaching for LeadersTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Design Thinking 1.0TPProfessional Mastery
5S & 7W for Work and Personal EffectivenessTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Merchandising 123 for e-commerceTPProfessional Mastery
Speak Japanese!TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Psychology of AgeingTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Motivation on the MoveTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Counselling on the GoTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Basic Food Hygiene for Food Handlers TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Occupational Safety TPPersonal & Professional Growth
CARBs, Friends or FoeTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Medication Safety 101TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Medical Report - What the Results Mean to You?TPPersonal & Professional Growth
Preventing Conflict EscalationTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Planning Power-Packed Oral PresentationsTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Delivering Power-Packed Oral PresentationsTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Motivation & Team ManagementTPProfessional Mastery
The Secrets of Great TeamworkTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Winner's Work Attitude: Unravelling Your Best PotentialTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Leading Self: Mastering Your LifeTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Introduction to Social & Emotional LearningTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Engaging the DisengagedTPProfessional Mastery
Emotion, Personality & Self Esteem & Leading Change in An Uncertain WorldTPPersonal & Professional Growth
Customer Communication Skills to Drive Service ExcellenceTPProfessional Mastery
Design Principles for Effective Visual CommunicationTPProfessional Mastery
Oral Presentation & Meeting Suite CoursesTPPersonal & Professional Growth
The Strategic CommunicatorODEProfessional Mastery
Proposal Writing and Project ScopingSBACCProfessional Mastery
Report WritingSBACCProfessional Mastery
Influencing People Through Understanding Human BehaviourSHRIProfessional Mastery
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Sustainable Building Design PrinciplesTPProfessional Mastery
Sustainable Building Design ProcessTPProfessional Mastery
Sustainable Design Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Course TitleTrainer ProviderConsulting Competencies
Text Analytics ProcessTPProfessional Mastery
Text Analytics TechniquesTPProfessional Mastery
Virtualisation Concepts & TechniquesTPProfessional Mastery
Embracing Technology in Security IndustryTPProfessional Mastery
Introduction to LEAN ManufacturingTPProfessional Mastery
5 Key Principles of LEAN ManufacturingTPProfessional Mastery
6S LEAN workplace TPProfessional Mastery
Pitching with LoglinesTPProfessional Mastery
Airline Industry InsightsTPProfessional Mastery
User-Centric Interface Design for Mobile DevicesTPProfessional Mastery
Visual Logic in User Interface DesignTPProfessional Mastery
Industry 4.0TPProfessional Mastery
Human Factors in Aviation MaintenanceTPProfessional Mastery
Biosafety & Biosecurity EssentialsTPProfessional Mastery
Biological Containment & Waste ManagementTPProfessional Mastery
Industrial Wastewater Physical TreatmentTPProfessional Mastery
Industrial Wastewater  Chemical TreatmentTPProfessional Mastery
Industrial Wastewater Biological TreatmentTPProfessional Mastery
Basic Statistics in Uncertainty EstimationTPProfessional Mastery
Uncertainty Estimation in Chemical AnalysesTPProfessional Mastery
UI Design & Development Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Measurement Uncertainty Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Creating Unforgettable Experiences Through Customer ServiceTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
Service Culture - Going Beyond Lip ServiceTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
The Basics of Successful EntrepreneurshipTPBusiness Understanding & External Awareness
5 Strategies for a Stronger Safety Culture & Take your Hotel Service from Ordinary to WOW!TPProfessional Mastery
Training Needs Analysis@WorkTPProfessional Mastery
ABC of AgileTPProfessional Mastery
Agile 360TPProfessional Mastery
Customer Service 101TPProfessional Mastery
7 Important Insights to Attract CustomersTPProfessional Mastery
Project Management: 20 Ways to be More EffectiveTPProject Management
Principles of Management Suite CoursesTPProfessional Mastery
Client Consultant RelationshipSBACCManaging Client Relationship
Project Implementation and CompletionSBACCConsulting Engagement Management
Project ManagementSBACCProject Management