Q: I am interested in getting certified as a management consultant.  What is the certification process like?

A: Please refer to under the ‘CERTIFICATION PROCESS’ section of each PMC level for details.

Q: How long is the entire certification process?

A: It takes around 6 weeks to complete the certification process starting from the date of payment. You may find our calendar for the upcoming intake here.

Q: What can I expect from the written assessment?

A: It comprises of multiple-choice questions (MCQ), short answer questions and essay questions.The assessment duration is 90 minutes and applicants are required to attain at least 70% score to pass.

Q: What are the fees and payment terms for attaining PMC certification?

A: Please visit the respective PMC level in and look under the FEES section for details.

Q: If the consulting project is done by a team of consultants, can they all obtain the certification collectively or on a ‘corporate’ basis?

A: No, we only certify an individual, not corporate entities. PMC certification is on individual basis.

Q: I am a certified PMC and I would like to log an appeal. 

A: You may download this form and send to


Q: Do I need to be physically present in Singapore for any part of the certification process?

A: Yes, for the written assessment. Do be assured that in view of the current travel bans due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly monitoring the situation and making reasonable adjustments that best accommodate sit in assessment.

Q: I am currently not in Singapore, are we not able to have the whole certification process conducted remotely due to COVID-19?

A: There is a provision for deferment currently standing at two months for sit in written assessment in view of COVID-19. If you have met all the other criteria, you will obtain a provisional certificate. When sit in written assessment becomes feasible again, you will have to fulfil this requirement otherwise it will result in a void certificate.

Q: Will the provisional certificate still be recognized?

A: Yes.