[jan 2022]

Uncovering SBACC PI Insurance Webinar


Uncovering SBACC Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a PMC, you are naturally covered by our Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, but what exactly does it cover you for? What are the different insurance coverages around and are there any additional insurances required for your business, such as Cyber insurance? ​

Hence in this informative webinar on 28 Jan, 2-3pm, Damian and Isabelle, Executive Financial Consultants, will share with you in-depth knowledge about PI insurance coverage, differentiating liabilities, avoiding common insurance mistakes, and protecting your business with Cyber insurance.​

PMC Privilege

Our PMCs are entitled to a series of promotions with our partners!
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SBACC Webinar - Tap on IMDA's DP Certification for Consultancy Opportunities

Back due to popular demand, learn and stay updated on how to tap on the Data Protection Trustmark, APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) and Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) for consultancy opportunities!

Launched in 2019, the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) is a voluntary, enterprise-wide certification that assesses an organisation’s data protection policies and processes, providing a visible badge of recognition for accountable and responsible data protection standards.

At this webinar, gain insights from IMDA on how you as a consultant can tap on IMDA’s Data Protection Certifications – DPTM, CBPR and PRP for consultancy opportunities to expand your clientele and skillset.

SBACC Webinar: 22 Dec 10-11am

[Nov 2021]

SBACC Webinar - Art of human Resource Management

SBACC Webinar: 25 Nov 2021, 2pm

People are the heart of any organisation. To be able to define their capabilities and competencies within an HR competency framework is the first step in developing them. Hence, Singapore Skills Framework was developed and had improved the HR results from over 33+ industries.

Join us on 25 Nov, 2pm with our speaker, Ms Elizabeth Chan shares more on this framework!

[October 2021]

SBACC Workshop - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

SBACC Webinar: 11 Nov 2021, 10-11am

In this upcoming webinar, master how to identify risks and opportunities in the Sustainability sector and how to take advantage of them.

Topics covered:

The ESG business care
Understand how various key stakeholders (investors, lenders, regulators, and customers) point of view on Sustainability and how you can resolve their concerns to maximise long-term value creation. Measure impacts and improve business sustainability performance and its effect on your business value. 

Climate-related risks and opportunities
Understand how climate changes and numerous agreements such as Paris Agreement and Singapore carbon tax creates risk and opportunities

Setting your highest ambitions
3 steps for setting your highest climate ambition



Join us for our upcoming webinar on 22nd Sept at 2pm as you will be learning how to navigate business transformation through the digital era successfully!


Our office number has been changed to 6958 9000. Please do not hesitate to call us or WhatsApp us at 9299 5304 if you have any enquiries!

[AUGUST 2021]



August 2021 is SBACC’s 10th anniversary!

[JULY 2021]


Under UTAP, NTUC members will enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 each year, for SBACC’s courses.

1 FREE SBACC webinar for every 10 webinars! 

1 FREE SBACC webinar for every 10 webinars!

To thank our PMCs for supporting our webinars, SBACC will be giving away 1 free webinar for every 10 webinars that our PMC registers! 

Webinar - Adapt Your Business Model to the New Reality 

Adapt Your Business Model to the New Reality

In this webinar, learn how to completely reshape and foolproof your whole business model from the prevailing precarious reality!

Webinar - 5G: Ushering a New Era in Mobile Technology  

5G: Ushering a New Era in Mobile Technology

5G is the latest development in the era of mobile technology. How does 5G work and what is the impact on daily life? How can businesses benefit from 5G and are there any areas of concerns in adopting this technology? From this webinar, you can get answers to these pertinent questions from the speaker who will share his vast industry and academic experience related to this new development in mobile technology. You can also get tips on how to readily upgrade your skills and knowledge on the go, anytime and anywhere, using micro-learning courses.

[JUNE 2021]

Webinar - Learn how to build a sustainable & sticky consulting business via SaaS (Software as a Service) models  

Being a PMC, we love the constant challenges in bringing further value to our clients and assisting them to manage and resolve their business growth challenges. However, to be able to keep bringing value to our clients as they scale in business may be a difficult task for PMCs.

Due to the project-based consulting nature of Singapore’s consultants, it is hard to avoid the “sell time for money” model and it becomes increasingly hard to grow with the same client or add value over time. Being a PMC requires us to constantly trade time for money and be perpetually on the circuit of seeking out new clients as the idea of productising our services is untypical in Singapore as compared to other markets.

Hence, learn how to leverage technology, collaboration, and affiliation with SaaS (Software as a Service) models to productise your consulting service and build a sustainable and sticky consulting business in this upcoming webinar!

partnership with ode consulting (cpd cOURSES) 

SBACC is pleased to announce a new partnership with ODE Consulting®. This partnership will allow SBACC certified consultants to tap onto ODE’s expertise to unlock the full potential of business consultancy transformation and place clients on the best path for success in the new business landscape. As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) of SSG since 2008, ODE has leveraged on our strengths in providing funded programmes to individuals and organisations in the strategic management, change management and leadership areas.

Webinar - Gaining an edge through Intellectual Property: IP Creation, Protection and Commercialisation in your Value Chain 

We have read about Singapore’s 10-year master plan to become a Global IP Hub in Asia. Have you taken advantage of the strong and reliable IP regime in Singapore? Have you institutionalised the creation, protection and commercialization of IP into your Value Chain? Join us as we quickly cover the basics of IP and get you started on the journey of creation, protection and commercialisation in your organisation.

[MAY 2021]

Webinar - Uncover how you as a PMC can unlock data protection practices for your client 

On 20th May,  our esteemed speaker, Mr Dominic Ng from IMDA will be speaking about Data Protection Trustmarket (DPTM). Launched in 2019, the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) is a voluntary, enterprise-wide certification that assesses an organisation’s data protection policies and processes, providing a visible badge of recognition for accountable and responsible data protection standards.

At this session, Dominic Ng from Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) will share about the DPTM and the other two certifications – the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) & Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP). Topics covered would include benefits, certification process, and key areas to look out for during a DPTM assessment.

Partnership with SHRI (CPD Courses)

SBACC is proud to announce our latest partnership with SHRI in launching more CPD courses for our PMCs for them to continuously upgrade their skillset and knowledge while gaining extra CPD points. Tap onto the leading HR training provider, SHRI to enhance your competency and maintain employability within the Human Resources sector via multiple short courses and specialised workshops.

[APRIL 2021]

Uncover how you as a PMC can unlock business opportunites for your client

On 22nd April 2021 (Thursday), our esteemed speaker, Ms Isabella Huang-Loh, Chairman of the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) will be speaking about delivering this new business advantage with our green future. She will highlight the importance on how sustainability developments can open various management consulting opportunities in new green industries and the core competencies required to navigate this changing landscape.

SEC Chairman Ms Isabella Huang-Loh will also share about decarbonisation in major carbon-intensive sectors, working with various stakeholders to enable organisations to make the transition to a Low-Carbon future, and the four ‘Green’ trends that will be key in helping Singapore develop into a global city of sustainability. 

Interview with our PMC, Raymond Yap

In this series, we talk to our Practising Management Consultant (PMC) to find out more about their experience with SBACC.

We conversed with Mr Raymond Yap, who is currently the Founder and Executive Director of Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd, and why did he decide to be a PMC with SBACC.

[MARCH 2021]

PMC of the month

Congratulations to Mr Ho Keat Ru Melvin, our certified PMC, on being one of the winners of Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award 2021

Launch of PMC Connects

SBACC is proud to launch PMC Connects, a platform to bridge the gap between Practising Management Consultants (PMC) and businesses by creating a way for businesses to seek out capable certified consultants to add value to their company.​

Joint Partnership with TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC for cpd programe

 Gain industry-relevant skills with 2x CPD hours with our latest partnership with Temasek Polytechnic

Due to overwhelming responses from all the PMCs in February, we have decided to extend our one-of-a-kind incentive until 31st March.

It has been rough these past months battling the COVID-19 pandemic at home and at work, hasn’t it?

Without doubt, keeping yourself afloat in the ever-changing business landscape at such unprecedented times has been the forefront of our concerns. This 2021, we want to celebrate a fresh and prosperous opportunity to kickstart your professional and career growth.


After three years of successful collaboration between Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council Limited (SBACC) and Singapore PMC Certification Pte Ltd (SPMCC), a fully-owned subsidiary of Singapore Manufacturing Federation, both parties have reviewed their respective foci and agreed to cease the Licensing Agreement that was in place from June 2016 to February 2020. Under the Licensing Agreement, SBACC which owns the Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Scheme, empowered SPMCC with the management and administration of the PMC Scheme. With the cessation of the Licensing Agreement, the PMC Scheme is now once again fully under SBACC.

[MARCH 2020]


As part of its continuing efforts to stay focused and relevant to the industry, SBACC has reviewed its operations and structure. In the best interest of the certification of the Practising Management Consultants, SBACC has taken full control of its management and administration of the PMC Scheme with effect from March 2020.

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