As part of its continuing efforts to stay focused and relevant to the industry, SBACC has reviewed its operations and structure.  With effect from 1 June 2016, the management and administration of the PMC Scheme will be fully licensed to Singapore PMC Certification Pte Ltd (SPMCC Pte Ltd), a newly set up entity that is a fully owned, independent subsidiary of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and which  concentrates on the certification of practicing management consultants.  SBACC assures all practicing management consultants of the same level of professional support from the same certification team that you are familiar with.


1) Will this change affect my PMC Certification in any way?

Answer :- No, it will not affect your PMC Certification.  Your PMC Certification continues to be valid through to its current expiry date.  You will continue to be insured against Professional Liability, have your own unique barcode identity and enjoy the privileges of the PMC Card.  In addition, you will now have access to the wider and enlarged network of Singapore Manufacturing Federation’s corporate members and partners.


2) Will the existing Certification and Re-Certification processes remain the same?

Answer :- Yes, the entire process remains the same with the same Certification team managing and administering it at Singapore PMC Certification Pte Ltd (SPMCC).


3)  Will the same PMC Certification Board be presiding over the Certification process?

Answer :- Yes, the entire PMC Certification Board from SBACC will be migrated over to SPMCC and will continue to preside over the Certification process.


4) Will there be any changes in fee structures?

Answer :- No, all Application, Certification and Re-Certification Fees remain the same. 


5) Will we be able to enjoy being part of SMF’s activities and events?

Answer :- Yes, there will be many activities and events that you can be invited to.  Do look out for such invitations in the future.


6) Will we continue to receive newsletters and have our profiles hosted on the websites?

Answer :- Yes, and more links will be created to enhance your stature and especially with SME Centre @ SMF.

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