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Under UTAP, NTUC members will enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 each year, for SBACC’s courses. This excludes miscellaneous fees such as GST and registration fee etc. The funding period will commence from 16 May 2021 to 31 March 2022, subject to annual course review and renewal.

Under the newly enhanced UTAP funding announced in 2020 to support union members to enhance their employability, NTUC union members aged 40 years and above will get increased funding support from $250 to $500. This will apply from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2022.

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1 FREE SBACC webinar for every 10 webinars!

We have been receiving tremendous support for our webinars from our PMCs and to thank our PMCs, we have decided for every 10 webinars that our PMC registers, we will automatically waive your 11th webinar fee!


Thank you for all your support! 

If there are certain topics for our webinars that you would like to watch, do let us know via https://sbacc.org.sg/webinar-feedback/

Valid from May 2021 to December 2021 and for SBACC APMC/PMC/SPMC only.

SBACC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Webinar - Adapt Your Business Model to the New Reality

Adapt Your Business Model to the New Reality

In this webinar, learn how to completely reshape and foolproof your whole business model from the prevailing precarious reality!

You will learn how to reassess and reconfigure your business model to build a future stronger growth trajectory, utilise supportive skill conversion grants to overcome cash and human resource constraints, and elevate your productiveness with digital and business transformation grants that will automate your manual processes. 

Learning points

  • Learn how to reconfigure your business models to build future growth trajectory
  • Improve productivity with transformation grants
  • Overcome human resource constraints with supportive skills conversion grants
  • Q&A session with Dr Nina Tan

Event details

  • Zoom Webinar
  • 29 July 2021 (Thursday)
  • 10.00am – 11.00am
  • SGD $30 (PMC) / $35 (Public)
  • Entitled to 2 CPD hours

Webinar - 5G: Ushering a New Era in Mobile Technology

5G: Ushering a New Era in Mobile Technology

5G is the latest development in the era of mobile technology. How does 5G work and what is the impact on daily life? How can businesses benefit from 5G and are there any areas of concerns in adopting this technology? From this webinar, you can get answers to these pertinent questions from the speaker who will share his vast industry and academic experience related to this new development in mobile technology. You can also get tips on how to readily upgrade your skills and knowledge on the go, anytime and anywhere, using micro-learning courses.

Learning points

  • Learn about the latest development in mobile technology – how does 5G work and what is the impact on daily life?
  • Discover how you can incorporate 5G into businesses – how can businesses benefit from 5G and areas of concerns in 5G adoption?
  • Q&A session with Edmund and Faridah

Event details

  • Zoom Webinar
  • 15 July 2021 (Thursday)
  • 10.00am – 10.45am
  • SGD $30 (PMC) / $35 (Public)
  • Entitled to 2 CPD hours

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