After three years of successful collaboration between Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council Limited (SBACC) and Singapore PMC Certification Pte Ltd (SPMCC), a fully-owned subsidiary of Singapore Manufacturing Federation, both parties have reviewed their respective foci and agreed to cease the Licensing Agreement that was in place from June 2016 to February 2020. Under the Licensing Agreement, SBACC which owns the Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Scheme, empowered SPMCC with the management and administration of the PMC Scheme. With the cessation of the Licensing Agreement, the PMC Scheme is now once again fully under SBACC.

The PMC Scheme was launched in 2008 under the purview of an independent Certification Board. When SBACC was established in 2011, the PMC Certification Board came under its wings and SBACC has been governing the certification of PMCs since then.

With its commitment to deliver quality in the certification of the Practising Management Consultants, SBACC became the first organisation in Singapore to be accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to ISO/IEC 17024. When SBACC licensed the management and administration of the PMC Scheme to SPMCC during the tenure of the Licensing Agreement, the ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation was awarded to SPMCC. Now that SBACC is once again fully responsible for the PMC Scheme, the accreditation has been transferred back to SBACC.

The promise to deliver a PMC Certification Scheme of the highest quality has never wavered, and SBACC has been a SAC-accredited Certification Body to develop and administer the PMC Scheme. The SAC is managed by Enterprise Singapore and is the national accreditation body.

As SAC has Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) with International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for the Certification of Persons, certificates issued by SBACC which has the SAC mark will be recognised in over 80 countries. Please see the Members Countries here: https://www.iaf.nu/articles/IAF_Members_&_Signatories/4

Mr George Huang, Chairman of SBACC’s Governing Council, said, “The quality of Management Consultants continues to be an integral selection criterion for new business initiatives and projects especially through these trying times of the pandemic. Our certification process provides unambiguous assurance to the business community of the quality of SBACC-certified Practising Management Consultants. ”

Mr Brett Hall, Chairman of SBACC, added, “We are very pleased to continue the role of a TR43-compliant Certification Body for Management Consultants accredited by SAC. We are now charting our course to help PMETs to be professionalised Management Consultants and be a GDP multiplier for Singapore.”

Ms Isabella Loh, Director of SBACC and Chairman of the PMC Certification Board, assures all PMCs, “We are pleased that the certification process continues to be relevant for serious Management Consultants and that all our certified PMCs will now enjoy professional recognition both locally and globally. Furthermore, all our certified PMCs and their clients will continue to enjoy coverage by our Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $250,000 for any single claim. This is an assurance of uncompromised professional credibility gleaned through an impartial certification process.”

It has been rough these past months battling the COVID-19 pandemic at home and at work, hasn’t it?

Without a doubt, keeping yourself afloat in the ever-changing business landscape at such unprecedented times has been at the forefront of our concerns. This 2021, we want to celebrate a fresh and prosperous opportunity to kickstart your professional and career growth.

We are encouraging you to apply as a certified management consultant. With a Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Certification, you are eligible to apply for government incentives. This means you have the capabilities to advise clients on the optimal ways to tap on the incentives for maximum impact and transform businesses as you broaden your network.

Apply for the PMC Certification via our online form* from 1 February to 31 March 2021. We will review your application and if you qualify, simply make the payment for your Application Processing and Interview fees. If your Interview Assessment is successful, you receive a HUAT #angpao of S$88 from us!

All new applications for PMC Certification count in this February and March 2021. The certification process consists of an Interview Assessment, Training of two compulsory courses, and the Written Assessment (aka exams) which takes approximately four (4) weeks to complete. A seamless process will see you being certified by the following month.

Our HUAT #angpao also extends to current PMCs with our “Refer-A-Friend” scheme this lunar month. If you refer a friend to apply and their Interview is successful, you too will receive our red packet! Simply provide us with the name of the applicant and your PMC number. To qualify, referral applications must be submitted online in February and March 2021 and the Interview must be successfully conducted by 30th April 2021.


  1. To qualify, all new applications must be submitted online* between 1st to 31st March 2021 and the Interview Assessment must be successfully conducted by 30th April 2021.
  2. Successful applicants are considered only when the applicant has successfully passed their Interview Assessment.
  3. Successful HUAT #angpao recipients will be notified via email with further disbursement details.
  4. No direct offset of S$88 may be applied to the certification fees.


  • For the certification fees, application criteria and online application form*, please click here.
  • To view our calendar schedule for the certification process, click here.
  • Read about the compulsory training courses.

Cheers to the year of the Ox!
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