Senior Practicing Management Consultant (PMC)

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) - recognised Certification for Management Consultants


EDUCATIONMinimum degree
  • 3,000 or more management consulting hours in the past years
  • 8 years or more in business management consultancy
  • Lead consultant in all management consulting projects

Detailed written summaries of 3 or more recent projects outlining the client’s business situation, the specific proposed solution, including diagnosis of the issues, identification of options, and definition and justification of the proposed course of action.

These will be during reviewed during the oral presentation. Applicant must also provide clients’s contact information for verification of projects undertaken.

Provide 5 clients or 3rd party references for the 5 recent projects undertaken. For SPMC certification, applicants are to submit 5 clients testimonials outlining the nature, period, and impact of the project and the role of the management consultant.
COMPETENCYApplicant has to undergo the Review Panel to be assessed, and to present his/her portfolio. Exemption will be considered based on experience and qualification. The Review Panel will make an assessment and recommend the relevant training.
ETHICSA qualifying written assessment and oral presentation on the PMC-CB’s Code of Ethics and ethical aspects of management consulting.
RECOMMENDATIONBy the Review Panel and endorsed by the Practicing Management Consultant Certification Board (PMC-CB).
VALIDITY3 years from date of certification.


  • Fees need to be paid in advance for each stage of certification.


  • Fees need to be paid in advance for each stage of certification.

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All applications made online should contain the following attachments for processing:

  • A softcopy of your resume/CV.
  • A softcopy of your photo identification document e.g. NRIC, FIN Card, Passport.
  • Copies of your educational and professional qualification certificates.
  • Copies of client testimonials or project materials e.g. proposals, reports listed in the “Assignment Details and References” section in the application form.

Please note that you will be required to produce the original copies of the above supporting documents for verification. 

Upon submission of application online, please issue a cheque payment of S$1,000 payable to SINGAPORE PMC CERTIFICATION PTE LTD

Please mail the cheque to:

Singapore PMC Certification Pte Ltd
2895 Jalan Bukit Merah, SMF Building Singapore 159457
Attention: Certification Team

Please indicate your name and contact number at the back of the cheque (outside of the information box).  All applications will be processed only upon receipt of payments. 

  1. Upon receipt of the above documents, SBACC will process your application and contact you for an interview session with the PMC-CB Review Panel. During the interview, you will be required to present 3 consulting projects that you have undertaken.
  2. The Review Panel will assess your abilities based on the evaluation criteria, your work and consulting experience and the consulting projects’ presentation. These would determine your eligibility for the appropriate certification level.
  3. The interview results will be communicated to you via email at least 7 working days from the date of your interview date.

To fulfill the certification scheme requirements, all applicants are required to attend and pass the following PMC training modules:

Compulsory modules

Module 1b: Ethics and the Law

Module 9: Application of Government Incentives

Elective modules

Additional module(s) may be assigned to the applicant, after assessment by the PMC-CB Review Panel.

Module 1a: Introduction to Management Consultancy
Module 2: Project Management
Module 3 : Proposal Writing and Project Scoping
Module 4 : Data Gathering and Collation
Module 5: Analysis and Recommendations
Module 6 : Report Writing
Module 7 : Project Implementation and Completion
Module 8: Client-Consultant Relationship

Please click here to find out more about the training module.

For general enquiries, please contact

For any deferment requests, the candidate is required to write in to SBACC at least 3 working days before commencement of training and written assessment. Failure to do so, fees paid will be forfeited.

Deferment is only allowed for a maximum of 3 times.  Beyond that, the fees paid will be forfeited. A new registration is required for the next intake commencement. 

All written assessment will be conducted at SBACC Examinations Office and the duration for each written assessment (comprising of multi-choice, short and long questions) will be 90 minutes. You will need to attain at least 70% score to pass the written assessment.

Candidate must complete their required training and pass written assessment within 1 year from the date of their application. For more information on the training dates for the PMC Modules and Written Assessment, please click here.

Interested applicants are to read through and be familiarised with the pre-requisites for each level of certification before submitting the application. For enquiries, please fill-up the enquiry form that can be found in the CONTACT US tab or call +65 6826 0955.