PMC testimonials

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"I joined SBACC because I felt that they were well-represented in Singapore's strongest sectors and therefore I could grow from their experience and footprint, rather than being part of another passive association."
"The process of being a PMC was straightforward and efficient. SBACC makes good use of the applicant’s time. Of course, there is an art to being an effective advisor, and every PMC must develop his or her own approach. But I found the learning modules run by SBACC to be informative and fascinating."
"I chose to be a PMC because SBACC has a good brand as a council of business advisors and the certification program looks practical."
"I was recommended to walk with SBACC by a few industry partners and after my experience, will continue to recommend SBACC."
"SBACC has a strong reputation and the team of staff demonstrated great support in assisting me so I can embark on my PMC journey and I am sincerely appreciative of this"
"I will say the journey to be qualified as Practising Management Consultants has never been easy. As the primary objective of SBACC is to promote and advance the professionalism of business consulting, SBACC has set a high bar for the admission of a new practising management consultant."


Being a PMC is more than just a certification. It is also a mark of quality and professionalism which promotes high standards of professional and ethical conduct. It demonstrates your experience, competence, professionalism and enhances your professional image with your clients.

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